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Plush Stuffed Lions

Stuffed lions are in stock and ready to ship. For more information on a stuffed lion, just click on its image. Our stuffed lions come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Male lions stand 4 feet at the shoulder and are 8.5 feet long, plus tail. Male lions average 450 pounds. Female lions weigh less than 300 pounds. Adult lions usually have a plain unspotted coat, light brown to dark ochre in color. Cubs are marked with spots which sometimes persist on the legs and belly until they are fully grown. Male lions have a brown mane, which tends to grow darker and fuller as the animal ages.

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Baby Leon - Lion

Size: 3 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC

$3.49 Out Of Stock

baby lion toy jungle animal

Baby Leroy - Lion

Size: 12 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC


Bouncy Buddy plush lion

Lester- Lion - Bouncy Buddy

Size: 5 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC

$5.49 Out Of Stock


Baby Roary - Stuffed Lion

Size: 12.5 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC



Roary - Lion

Size: 18 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC



Roary Jr. Stuffed Lion

Size: 9 inches
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC



Roary Family

Size: 3 pieces
Manufacturer: Purr-fection by MJC



King of Hearts - Medium

Size: 12.5 inches
Manufacturer: Gund



Snipper Lion Comfy Cozy Blanket

Size: 24 inches
Manufacturer: Baby Gund



Noah's Ark Playset

Size: 6.5 - 8 inches
Manufacturer: BHTBCo

$29.99 $25.99 On Sale!

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